Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Campfire at Lake Mead

What a gorgeous night it was to be out in the desert! We packed the car and headed out to Lake Mead for a good old fashioned hot dog and marshmallow roast. I think everyone else had the same idea though because every campground at the closest site was full. We drove a ways out and found another one in Calville Bay which was perfect for our kids because there were giant gravel piles to climb.

Beautiful sunset.
This shot doesn't do the twilight sky justice.

Kids climbing.

What can one do besides climb a gravel pile? Slide down, of course. Harrison went head first like this.

Cam went head first like this!

They had a blast.

Looks like they're climbing the sand dunes of the Sahara, doesn't it?

Just me.
Bryce did a great job of making the perfect fire. They say that smoke follows beauty--well, I felt I must be the fairest of them all after that night. That smoke wouldn't leave me alone no matter where I went.

My favorite picture of the night! Happy girls!

Hot dog roasting. Everything tastes more delicious over a campfire.

Bryce told us a story about his ancestor Mary Goble Pay and how she wasn't killed in an Indian attack because one of the men remembered her kindness to his people. I love hearing those old stories when we're out in the wilderness.

We also tried to make Jiffy Pop popcorn over the fire but it turned completely black. When the directions say not to put it over open flame they mean it.

We missed Tyce but we know he had fun a the 7-stake dance which was part of Youth Conference. He even won the dance off and one of the leaders told us he definitely had the moves.

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