Monday, September 17, 2012

The Waters of Baptism

What a great weekend! Both sets of grandparents came, as well as the Prices (Bryce's sister's family) for the baptism of Cameron and Harrison on September 15th. Those boys sure are loved by family who were here as well as those who couldn't come.

All this week we've been talking about baptism. For Family Home Evening we watched a powerful video depicting Christ teaching Nicodemus what it means to be born again. It's one thing to read the scriptures but quite another to see them come to life; how would it have been to have been taught face to face by the Savior Himself? We also watched the video of Jesus being baptized by John. After that Bryce and the boys practiced how it would be for the big day. We sang one of my favorite Primary songs, "When I Am Baptized".

I like to look for rainbows when ever there is rain
and ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again.

I want my life to be as clean as Earth right after rain
I want to be the best I can,
and live with God again.

I know when I am baptized my wrongs are washed away,
and I can be forgiven and improve myself each day.



On Saturday, right before we left for the church, Cameron's new motorcycle guy mysteriously lost a leg. I quietly confronted Harrison and said, "Harrison, you are about to make sacred covenants at your baptism. After today when you make a mistake it really counts." Citing our FHE song he replied, "Yes, but today when I am baptized all my wrongs are washed away." I guess he was getting one last naughty act in while he could!

Harrison, Bryce, and Cameron before the baptism.

The boys had the pleasure of sharing their special day with two friends, Johnathan and Cash. Our four boys were the only ones in the stake to be baptized that day, so we had a ward event instead of a stake one. When Brother Hafen called the kids up to be introduced the boys stood solemn and reverent except for Cam, who did a little "I'm awesome" dance.

Bryce performed both baptisms but Harrison requested that Grandpa Al do his confirmation. Both grandpas and Uncle Andy stood in the circle, as well as dear friends Jim Shapiro, Shane Osborne, and Kevin Hilyard.

Every guest was invited to write a note or draw a picture for the children. There were letters of congratulations in various forms but my favorite was from 10-year-old cousin Kess:

Dear Cameron,

It is wonderful that you are now baptized. I bet it felt good to be baptized. You are now a full member of the church. Your baptism was one of the best I have seen.


The Price family: Andy, Kira (6), Kess (10), Betsie, and Natasha (2).

Grandma Judy and Grandpa Al with the boys. They gave them new scriptures for their birthday/baptism gift and Cameron is particularly enamored with them, carrying them everywhere and sleeping with them by his pillow.

Mopsie and Grandpa Jim with the boys. Grandpa Jim was incredibly sweet to Harrison which I know made him feel special. Harrison really needs one-on-one time; Cam will get in your face for it but Harrison needs someone to seek him out.

Our family: Mary (12), Rebecca, Harrison (8), Bryce, Cameron (8), and Tyce (16).
I am very proud of our boys for their decision to enter the waters of baptism. They looked so happy that day and I hope that they remember that special, good feeling that comes from doing what's right.

On Sunday night Bryce gathered the family and asked each grandparent to share their favorite verses so that Cameron and Harrison could mark them in their new scriptures. All the kids participated and I think that will be a treasure to discover again and again as they study the gospel throughout the years.

Pat Cook (Mopsie): Psalms 91:4--She told of a picture she had seen of an eagle literally stretching its wing to cover the eaglets and she loved that symbolism.
Jim Cook (Grandpa Jim): Moroni 8:2-3--He read that every day when David was on his mission and now applies this to his grandchildren.
Judy Jones (Grandma Judy): Alma 1:25-28--We can have faith and do good works, even amidst trials and persecutions.
Al Jones (Granpa Al): Alma 5:14-15--Questions to ask ourselves daily.

Mary shared that her favorite story was of Esther in the Old Testament. Tyce's favorite was the 2000 Stripling Warriors in the Book of Mormon. Harrison liked a verse in Samuel that spoke of kindness. Cameron liked the story of Ammon (aka "the guy who cut off the bad guys' arms").

Like I said, it was a great weekend. I am sorry to see everyone go but it sure was a pleasure having them here. Bryce remarked how awesome it is for our kids to have wonderful grandparents to look up to and I must agree--we are indeed blessed.


Silver Strands said...

Thanks for sharing that Rebecca - very sweet!

hwscutie said...

Your boys were so cute! I think it made the day so much more special with it being a ward baptism.

SweetmamaK said...

How wonderful to have the family all be there and the scripture marking ,what a wonderful idea!