Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cub Scouters

Now that our boys are 8 they get to join Cub Scouts. Last night was their first pack meeting! They were incredibly excited to wear their uniforms for the first time--they scootered down the street to show off for their friends.



Coming home after parading around the neighborhood.

Harrison earned his soccer belt loop!

And so did Cameron.

Cam is such a ham.

Check out his face after the Scout leader said the boys were going to serve dinner at the fundraiser!

The boys took a bow after receiving their awards.
Afterwards there were popsicles and lots of running around.

Harrison says that the Cub Scout motto is "Do Your Best". I hope they they enjoy their years as Cubs doing just that.

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Anonymous said...

They look so handsome in their little uniforms! You've got a mighty fine family Rebie J!