Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Presenting: Six-Year-Olds

Cameron and Harrison had their birthday during the first week of school, turning 6 on September 3rd.

I bought this birthday banner at Hobby Lobby. I love it.

Also this cute table runner is a favorite. They're both favorites.

Harrison believes the greatest hallmark of special occasions is to have breakfast in bed. So because I am nice on special occasions, the boys got breakfast in bed. As an added bonus, my table stayed clean and pretty.

Bran muffins and sausage links--the breakfast of birthday boys.

I even used our special birthday plates.

They liked lounging and eating. But they weren't such fans of the crumbs they had to brush off later that night.

I sent them to school with new shirts; you can see Cam wearing his since he got dressed before breakfast. It says "Pizza, the Ninja Food" which is perfect for our aspiring assassin. Harrison's said, "100% Awesome." The boys were excited to pass out granola bars to their classmates

That afternoon two special visitors arrived: Grandpa Al and Grandma Judy! We had the party after eating make-your-own salad for dinner (otherwise known as the Jones Family Buffet).

Flashing their new age for the camera, yo.

They got a lot  of great presents.

Iron Man guys.
Then it was time for cake. Since they are two different people with two very different personalities, I let them choose their own designs.

Cameron is really into Mustangs, because he wants to like everything his big brother likes. So he asked for "a Mustang cake."

Add some candy and pop a toy on top. Amateurs, do not attempt.

Harrison requested "Lego Star Wars."

Luckily I had Tyce to build the little Lego set for me; otherwise this would have been a pretty lame cake. I should have finished the edges on the green. No invitation to Ultimate Cake-Off for me.

"I am 100% awesome. And so are my Lego Star Wars guys, which I plan to organize neatly in their original packaging, cataloging each piece by usage." 

"So Mr. Candle, we meet again. I shall snuff you out for another year, for I am . . . The Ninja."
We sang, they made wishes, and then they rode their new little skateboards in the house.

The next morning everyone went to the skate park.

(And I slept in. Because I was actually under the weather, and besides--party-throwing is work, I tell ya.)

So now we have two awesome 6-year-olds! I hope they had a great day--I hope they know how special they are to our whole family.

And in other good news, today is the twins' family anniversary! Five years ago today they came to live with us, the cutest 1-year-olds in the world. That day our whole family's lives changed--definitely for the better.


Verlynn said...

How fun to see your boys getting so big and grown up! Thank you for sharing.

brooklyn said...

oh man, i'm feeling like a jerk right now. i can't believe we missed it. this has been a very flakey year for me--sooooo sorry!

looked like you made it so special for them--awesome cakes!!! happy way belated birthday them cam and harrison! we love those cute little guys! we'll make it up to them somehow...

Mopsie said...

What a good Mom you are, to make their birthday so special, and so unique to each one. That DOES take work.
Wish we could have been there, too. Lucky Al and Judy!
I can't believe it's been five years. Sheesh. *I* haven't aged a bit.