Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Because if We Didn't Laugh, We'd Cry

Pat your favorite stay-at-home parent on the back, because this job is way harder than it looks.

Kids-in-school doesn't equal Mom-on-vacation by any stretch. It's been a rocky start, I won't lie. Oh guess what . . . Cameron and Harrison are in different kindergarten classes--which is working out. But they have completely different homework packets--which is going to send me over the edge.

Tip of the iceberg though. If all I had to worry about were two little kids' worksheets I'd still be sane. (Probably.) Oh, the drama!

But anyway, here are two funnies.

The first is an abandoned draft of Mary Rachel's "How To" assignment that I found in the bathroom.

How To Ride a Dog

Hi! I'm Mary and I'm going to tell you how to ride a dog. The first thing you need to do is make sure the dog is the right size because if you're ten feet tall and you hop on a dog the size of a basketball you're likely to crush it.

Then, make sure it really is a dog . . . 

That's far as she got. She decided to change to "How to Play 'Silly Sandpiper' on the Piano." Since these teachers don't really know her yet . . .  I think that was for the best.

The second thing happened this morning. I noticed it was very quiet and called for the boys downstairs. There was no answer. I asked Mary to look in the garage and she did. She confirmed that they were there. She scolded Cameron, "You guys aren't supposed to play in the minivan without supervision."

Cameron said, "We do have a supervisor. Right here."

He'd handcuffed Nykia in the driver's seat and put my sunglasses on her.

Very good.

I guess our plastic dolly and I have about the same emotional interest in how far he reclines the seat backs.


That's all for now. I have lots more to share--wedding pictures, first-day-of-school tales, and a recap of our "babies'" 6th birthday, so stay tuned. I'm slowly getting my act together.


Jenn said...

I feel for you. I go crazy with just two, I don't know how you do it with four. That's interesting that the kindergartens have different homework, all of our grades that have two classes have the same homework. That makes it difficult they can't even do homework together but it is good they don't have the competition of each other and the expectation of twins being alike. I am looking forward to more tales. Jenny

Laura H said...

My kids are in separate classes too. You wouldnt think the homework would be a big deal but its becoming one.(different packets too) Luckily they dont start school till pm so we get to work on it in the morning if we need to.

Rebecca and Co. said...

Laura, that's one thing I TOTALLY didn't anticipate--how hard it is to have morning kindergarten! We've always been an afternoon K and preschool family and I miss the mornings to do homework. Who do your kids have? Mine are in Henn and DelGiorno.