Sunday, September 12, 2010

And Here's My Account of the Wedding

Chris and Rachel were married on August 28th, in the church my grandma raised her family.

It was a lovely ceremony, short and sweet. The music didn't quite work as planned but Rachel's aunt sang "Here Comes the Bride" which took the pressure out of a tense situation; she ended with

I don't know this part . . . it must be time to start

and had everyone laughing.

Brandon and Jessie were so cute as "ring barrel" and flower girl.

Husband and wife!
And then they spent hours posing for pictures.

We blew bubbles at the happy couple.

Chris's side of the family--I poached the professional photographer's position but obviously not her equipment.

Brandon did a great job and handed off the ring without a hitch.

Lynn, Jenn, and Jessie--Jessie was such a cute flower girl!

Mary and I both enjoyed the wedding.

My dad and Uncle Bob shared a joke--maybe about Kenny Rogers?

After the wedding we headed back to Grandma's to rest up before the reception at the Little Eagles lodge. Music, dancing, and lots of good conversation rounded out the night.

I love to see my parents laugh!

These two cute girls made their own fun.

I'm sure Jessie took a gone one of Brandon.

The peeps at our table.

Lynn and Chris shared a very sweet mother-son dance.

Chris came over to talk to Grandma, and I must say that this is one of my favorite shots of the whole night.

My beautiful 95-year-old grandma (and me). 

Chris and Rachel cut the cake.
And Mary and I danced until she grew bored and wanted to head back home. That worked out fine because Grandma was also ready to go back, and after you have cake . . . what more is there?

Jenn later said that Brandon caught the garter and was horrified to learn that this meant he was next in line to get married! He gave it back to Chris, who wore it around his arm the rest of the night.

I am really happy for my cousin and his new wife! I am so glad we could come to celebrate their marriage.

It was wonderful to see everyone--I hope someday all six of us can make it out there. I am so blessed to have a wonderful extended family whom I not only love . . . but I like.

Thank you, my Colorado family, for hosting us! We love you!


Jenn said...

We were so glad you and Mary were able to come and share this special day with us and we love you both too. By the way, Chris said he liked your hair cut. He said it suits you. Pretty good compliment huh. (This is Lynn. I used Jenn's account).

Anonymous said...

Did you cut your hair super short?? It's so cute! I think you are so brave to do that...I'm too much of a chicken that it won't turn out right and then I'll have to wait years for it to grow back out. Looks like you all had a fun time.