Friday, May 21, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Crazy dress-up day at school is one of Mary's favorites. Don't worry, the cup on her head was just for the picture.

Also on Wednesday we had a great Mutual activity that the Laurels planned, and I really mean the Laurels. Not me. They did a Bishopric Q & A activity with hilarious questions such as "what was your worst date" and "where was your first kiss." Their written responses were read by the Laurels and the kids had to guess. It was a ton of fun and I was super proud of the leadership and initiative that the older girls showed in planning and carrying off this activity. Maybe I should post Bryce's answers for you? He has some good stories.

Then on Thursday night I spoke at our a Relief Society meeting. The subject was Happiness is: Motherhood. I focused on finding joy in motherhood. It went okay--not great, but okay. I think I got heckled by someone. We had a difference of opinion on forcing children to do things. I was trying to point out that finding happiness comes from teaching and correcting but not by force. I stand by my opinion. Maybe it was a matter of semantics . . . one time someone asked me if I disciplined my children and I replied, "Oh, yes, of course." Later I found out she meant, do I used physical punishment, which is a lot different than my definition. But anyway. It happened, I read a lot of great material preparing for it, and I'm glad to be on the other side of it now.

Before that my dear friend Aranne invited me and Kim to her house for dinner. That was my favorite part of the night. She made a delicious pasta dish, a green salad, sauteed asparagus, and garlic bread. It was great. It was really nice to talk with her and Kim (and her new baby Cole), to relax before the activity.

Tonight we're going to Mt. Charleston. If we're not frozen solid by the morning I will tell you alllllll about it.


Rachel McEwen said...

i thought you a fabulous job! I love hearing your inspire me:)

Ashley said...

Haha cool! Have fun at Mt. Charleston.

Mopsie said...

That's a really cute picture of Mary. Nice smile!
Do share Bryce's stories. I can only imagine how much fun that night must have been.
Glad the RS thing went ok. It's really eye-opening to realize that other people's perceptions differ from our own.
You ARE FABULOUS. Don't ever doubt it.
Love you!