Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camping at Mt. Charleston

As predicted, it was insanely cold and windy but we still had an awesome time!

We camped somewhere in Lee Canyon, where snow banks had not yet melted.

And yet some in our company still wore shorts.

The older boys (Spencer and Tyce) got the fire going the Boy Scout way: lots of lighter fluid.

Sara and Mary rolled these stumps down the hill for marshmallow-roasting stools. Sara got 8 marshmallows on one stick and ate them all!

Cameron enjoyed his hot chocolate.

Harrison found the ranger's grabber stick and practiced picking up pine cones.

Camille liked sitting on my lap around the campfire, until the smoke inevitably followed her (and then she bolted).

Emily sported Barbie sunglasses while she played with the twins.

Poor Zach "only got five sodas this whole trip!"

Rebecca S. with baby Lizzie, who toddled all over camp.

Jim and Rebecca had a full-time job keeping tabs on 6 kids!

Bryce made a mountain man breakfast for everyone. I pretty much focused on not freezing to death.

Tyce and Spencer spent all morning chopping green wood, against the advice of both fathers.

Mary, Zach, and Sara built this fortress from stumps and branches. The password was OCEAN ("because no one would think to say 'ocean' in the forest").

Later they fortified it against attack. Their battle cry was "Eulalia!" and it was Tyce and Spencer against everyone else. Mary said, "We may have lost, but we nobly battled for freedom and justice." Spencer said, "We battled for world domination . . . and we WON!" They seemed to have a blast.

Emily and Harrison discussed their movie-watching plans for after the camping trip.

And then we packed up to leave. The trip was short but sweet. Next time we go I hope it's above 32 degrees at night.

After we got home and showered, we continued the fun by going to our friends' house to play Settlers of Catan while the younger kids watched a movie.

After a long but fun day I think we all appreciated our nice warm beds that night!

It is so nice to have great friends. Thank you, Jim and Rebecca, for inviting us!


Beckles said...

Thanks for coming with us! We had a great time and are glad we went despite the cold. Awesome summary on your blog!!

Silver Strands said...

It looks like a totally wonderful time! Aren't close friends amazing? It's so nice to be able to spend time, let loose, hang out ... plus, your kids will always remember things like this. I remember camping as a little girl with my parents' friends and their kids - my biggest memory is my Dad's friend sitting under a tree and stricking up a rendition of "The Prettiest Girl" ... he'd keep going till we'd all join in :)

Hope your week is going well Rebecca.