Monday, May 10, 2010

Eight Things on my Mind

1. I went to the temple last week and did work for a lady with six names! That's my kind of gal. It is so nice to get away from the cares of the world for a few hours. There is such a feeling of peace and tranquility there. In fact, I was enjoying my time so much that when I got dressed to leave I was shocked that I only had 20 minutes to get the kids from preschool. I left the serenity of the House of the Lord and flew down the highway like O. J. in a Bronco.

I was 8 minutes late and Cameron, Harrison, and Kennedy were being escorted to the late office. I intercepted them and apologized for my tardiness. I thought the kids would be relieved I hadn't abandoned them but Harrison said, "Why did you come get us? We were about to get ice cream!" Poor kids.

2. Mary has been doing research on snails for a science project. Her zeal and zest for gastropods is very cute. You might already know that she has a fondness for those creatures and has attempted several times to keep them as pets. She did a google search for "snails" and was dismayed to find that one of the top finds was a recipe site. Can you imagine? She read me such titles as Snail Ravioli and Stuffed Mushrooms with Snails. Food for thought: If those recipes use salt, do the snails disappear?

Or do they just melt in your mouth?

So now you know that if there's ever a famine, come to the Joneses'. We have protein!

3. I cannot get a grip on the housework lately. Messes and clutter seem to multiply no matter where I go. Throw two papers away, gain 10. Clear off the counter, gain a stack of books. Do the dishes once, and the kids insist on eating again. Hello!

4. I just heard this conversation:

Harrison: So *I'm* not going to be your twin.

Cameron: Mo-ommmmmmm! Harrison won't be my twin!

Me: I'm very sorry to hear that.

Cameron: Harrison, you better still be my twin, or I'm going to punch you in the back.

5. This weekend was the ward's annual father-son campout. Mary and I played it low-key here at home. When the men returned Tyce and some friends went to see Iron Man 2. Unpacking and doing errands, everyone was exhausted and I thought, "Nothing says 'Happy Mother's Day' like your family abandoning you for the weekend." That is, unless I also go away. Let's have some better planning next year, Men. I can totally help you with that.

On the upside, no one went to the hospital this year. It was close, but they just have a few scrapes. And Tyce was really happy to have our next-door neighbor Steven there.

6. I had to pick Mary up from school this morning because she's sick! Apparently she unexpectedly threw up all over her math book. I feel guilty because I had her take one of Tyce's pills (same meds, but a higher dosage) because I hadn't picked up her prescription at Walgreen's. I assume it was because of that, since she was perfectly fine when she left for school. Just an hour later and she's back at home on the couch.

7. We went on a family walk last night (where all the kids rode their bikes). Tyce can do a wheelie and it looks just like a rearing horse. Every time he did it Bryce and I said, "Neigh!" and boy, did we think we were funny. We even told Tyce he could do it for his friends and then brag that he has a Mustang. He had to feign annoyance, as per the teenager-parent contract . . . but deep down I think he liked it. Deep, deeeeep down.

8. Okay, I am going to write about Mother's Day tomorrow.


Rachel McEwen said...

I love your make me laugh! If only I could just get inside your head......I love how the most simple things, conversations sound so great when you write about it. Life is really full of humor isn't? I love that you don't take kids and the stresses of it so seriously:) I wish i could be more like that.

Silver Strands said...

Ahhhh Rebeccca! Those are my favorite posts of yours: random thoughts. You ALWAYS make me smile, and usually make me laugh :)

Ashley said...

Aw, poor Mary! Man, your posts always make me laugh!