Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spooktacular Events

Halloween started off with our Family Home Evening tradition of carving pumpkins. The kids are becoming expert at designing their own creations.

Mary's is on the back left, Cameron's is in front with triangle eyes, Harrison's is next to that (he drew the face with a marker and I cut it out), and Tyce's is the smiley one on the back right.

That weekend we went to San Diego. So we spent Halloween day at the Wild Animal Park! They had a costume contest but only two of the kids wanted to dress up (Mary--Headless Horseman, and Cameron--an elephant). Tyce was a nerd and Harrison was a dalmation. You will have to use your imaginations on those.


People gave out candy that day, and there were various Halloween-themed activities. These two workers said they were the president and vice president of the Park; I wasn't sure if they were joking or serious. They loved Mary's costume and asked if she'd won the contest. She said no, and Madame President was incredulous. "What? If we were the judges you definitely would have won. Here, come get some extra candy from us." And she gave her 12 pieces of bubble gum, a pretty nice consolation prize in Mary's eyes.


Mary came up with that costume idea on her own, which I think is awesome. She left her cape at school, but guess what. At school she won 1st prize for the entire 4th grade.


Cameron was a pretty cute elephant.

We fully intended to go trick-or-treating that night in a neighborhood, but everyone was exhausted. I know, too exhausted to go candy-collecting?

We went back to the hotel to swim, ordered pizza and a Thai salad from Sammy's Woodfired Grill, and watched the movie UP!. They had a great night.

But the next day they were feeling sorry that they hadn't loaded up on sugar.

And I was feeling pretty happy that they didn't.



Emmy said...

How lucky did you get that they didn't want to go trick-or-treating!

Love the pumpkins. I really like Tyce's what a cute face.

And LOVE Mary's costume.
Glad you are having fun in my neck of the woods ;)

Mopsie said...

Great Pumpkins, Charlie Brown! I must confess I like Tyce's, too.
San Diego? Awesome! Sounds like loads of fun. What lucky kids to have such amazing parents.

Ashley said...

Hahaha! Mary's costume is great! She siriously makes me laugh all the time! Shes so cute!