Friday, August 15, 2014

Work So Far

Let me just say, my job is swallowing me whole. I actually really love it but my work/life balance is tipped pretty far in one direction. As with most things in life I was hired on at a difficult time--they were down two full-time employees and the on-call ladies were stretched thin. So it's just been the counter manager and I. I was hired to work between 12 and 20 hours but this week I'm clocking in at 30.

I'm glad to be getting the hours because I need the practice AND I know this surplus of shifts will dry up pretty soon. I just wish I had all these hours down the road when I knew what I was more experienced could actually make my sales goal. (Yesterday was the first day I thought, Holy cow--I know what I'm doing! But I was still $200 away from the extremely high bar set for me.)

Everyone has been so amazingly nice to me though, especially from the other cosmetics departments. When I was floundering on my first day alone they swooped in to rescue me, no judgement or expectation. I really appreciated that.
Me in break room. We have four refrigerators in there.

Anyway. This job has a lot of elements I'm good at and really enjoy, mainly helping people. (I would say doing make up, but my first makeover was on a 70-year-old woman and I had never dealt with granny skin before--that was eye-opening.) There are just a lot of pieces to put together to make me a "good" employee such as opening credit cards and building/managing a client list. I have been here two weeks and I'm starting to get it.

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