Monday, May 12, 2014

3rd Grade Field Trip

I volunteered to chaperone the field trip and I was chosen to go with Cam's class. The entire 3rd grade went to the movie theater at the Fiesta to see the Disney Nature film, "Bears." That's three bus-loads of kids, with three kids to a seat. I was lucky to be an adult because Cameron and I didn't have to share with anyone else.

(Have you ever wondered why, in our personal vehicles, people are obsessive about safety belts and restraints? And yet in school busses there is absolutely nothing of that kind?)

Part way through the trip there I realized I'd made a grave mistake that morning--Cam didn't take his ADHD pill. I knew because he was constantly hopping up, tapping the kid in front of him, and shouting "dibs" at every car that passed. No amount of verbal coaching tamed his energy or inability to sit still. It reminded me that this was how he used to be 24/7 and how grateful I am for medication.

How handsome is this little man?
We had the movie theater to ourselves. I sat by Cameron's classmates, who were very sweet and cute. The movie was quite an interesting documentary on the lives of a mama and two cubs. There were some scary moments when I thought, "Oh great, he's dead. No, *she's* dead." But luckily, not to ruin the movie for you, but everyone comes out of this alive. That was a relief.

Bouncy, bouncy boy who put the armrest up and down for over 60 minutes.

Doesn't this make you want to go to Alaska?

After returning to school I said hello to all of Harrison's friends and gave him a hug. I wished I could have been in both of their classes because Harrison is such a good boy too, so independent and interesting, and I enjoy hanging out with him. I was glad to be with him albeit briefly, and to spend time with Cameron.

And then I made a silent apology to Cameron's teacher for forgetting Cam's pill, and went to eat lunch in my very quiet house.

(Teachers do not get paid enough, I do know that.)

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