Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Latest

Some things that have happened lately:

Cameron was Colt of the Month! I was so proud of him. He has improved his focus and concentration in class and his grades show it. He started meds for ADHD recently and it has made a world of difference. Before, he would flit from activity to activity, provoke Harrison because he was bored, interrupt his own sentences because he got distracted by another thought. Now he can sit for literally hours and work on an art project or build a Lego creation. He still pesters but it seems to be less than before. I think he must be happier because he's able to complete things and he is more pleasant to be around. He really  is a sweet boy.

Cameron and I at his award ceremony in the courtyard.

Katie had a birthday. On May 1st she turned 3. She had a hamburger patty for a cake and later I found her chewing on the number 3 candle, looking guilty.

Bryce chaperoned Tyce's chamber choir trip to . . . Disneyland! Finally, a perk of being an involved parent. Just kidding, but Bryce had an awesome time with the other parents and the kids. Tyce did too, of course. The highlight of the trip was the competition aspect. First they practiced in a beautiful church and received instruction from a music professor on how to arrange the singers; she tested each person for their unique sound and then placed them in an order than would make for the best blend. Bryce said it was a fascinating process. When they performed for the judges they blew everyone away; the contest announcer said he'd never felt such a spirit from a choir before. At the awards ceremony it was an awesome feeling to find out they'd won 1st place and swept the competition! Johnnie and Nick went on stage to accept the award and Nick did a back flip. This made the crowd go crazy and made the MC sputter, "Well. Hm. Don't do that. No one else do anything like that."

Of course Disneyland was super fun and Mr. Duff said it was the best trip he'd ever taken a choir on. That's quite a compliment but not a surprise, as this is an amazing group of kids.

Mary is on chapter 25 of the book she's writing. It fills up 6 spiral notebooks so far. My favorite time of day with her is when she comes home from school and says, "Can I read you my book?" We settle into the living room and she takes me into the fantasy world she's created. She is an amazing writer and I am awestruck at her creativity and the complexity of her plot lines. I am a somewhat creative person (within my sphere) but she is above and beyond anyone I've ever known in real life.

Harrison has really enjoyed Bryce reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" to the boys at night. Cameron falls asleep quickly but Harrison (a night owl) stays awake as long as he can. When I took a turn reading, Harrison filled me in on everything in perfect detail. He has also loved riding the rip stick (like a wobbly skateboard) around the neighborhood and plays with the neighbor kids every single day. He is an incredibly active kid who throws and kicks things constantly, enjoys being around people. He hardly ever sits to watch TV but he does enjoy listening to the iPod and playing games on my phone.

Cameron has a new passion: the Pittsburgh Steelers. NFL football appeared on the twins' radar just the past Super Bowl, when classmates predicted and then gloated (or cried) over the outcome. The Ravens beat the 49ers and all that talk pushed Cam to choose a favorite team himself. After much deliberation Cam decided that he was for the Cowboys. He earned some money and asked to go to the sports store to buy a Cowboys wallet he'd seen earlier. However, when he got there the wallet was gone; but he found a $5 Steelers hat and he fell in love. Now he wants to visit Pennsylvania and is obsessed with all things Steelers. He has an NFL sticker book (and Harrison has one for baseball). Cam knows all the players on his favorite team in the book (there are about 12) but he calls them all by their first names instead of their last!

I am still teaching seminary and I'm glad it's winding up. I'm losing my mojo and the kids are not as invested. I need to find a way to rally them for the last stretch. I have really enjoyed studying the New Testament though and it's been wonderful to not only read, but delve in to the history and commentary in each chapter.

In other news, I am still going strong in my lifestyle change and my eating choices have been whole foods about 90% of the time. I exercise for 30 minutes a day doing cardio routines, walking, or yoga. I feel good and as an added bonus, I have lost 19 pounds so far.

That's about all that's going on. I know I haven't been good about writing lately but I hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

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