Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stuff I Like

--Yoga. I love that feeling of bending and twisting and burning and getting stronger. I prefer more cardio-intense versions over the peaceful, relaxing kind--I especially like Ashtanga, or power yoga. That kicks my butt every time. I like being in touch with my body's limitations and strengths and taking note of how each part can improve (unlike a killer aerobics-type class, where all I feel is my heart thumping, my head hurting, and my strong desire to fall on the floor). Yoga helps me connect to one of my core wellness beliefs, which is to honor the temple that houses my spirit. I enjoy the inner power and peace that comes with that final Namaste.

--Berries. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries--I eat them every day.

--The TV show Bates Motel. Great writing and acting. Scary, fascinating, sweet, and unnerving all at once.

--Losing 20 pounds (yes, one more than when I last wrote). Slow and steady, yo.

--That Bryce cleaned our bathroom spotless. Wow, it shined when I came home from chaperoning Tyce's choir trip to Magic Mountain. We have three kids who share our bathroom (which is ridiculous, but whatever) and they are neither tidy nor conscientious about their clothes on the floor or toothpaste in the sink. But now it looks like grown-ups live there and it is quite nice.

--My kids' teachers. I have really enjoyed getting to know them as people and they are wonderful human beings. I am grateful for all they give of their time and talents to my children.

--Words with Friends. When life is too much, I can play a word game on my phone and escape for a while.

--My blender. I make a smoothie every day. (My favorite: spinach leaves, raspberries, small orange, plain Greek yogurt, and chia seeds.)

--Drought-tolerant plants. Thank goodness they exist and that I can put one in a pot on my porch and not kill it.

--Hot pink toenail polish. Why? I don't know. I just like it, probably because it makes me look tan. Next to red, it's my favorite color.

--Walking. I haven't done it much lately for exercise other than taking Katie out for a stretch because it's gotten so summery here (over 100 degrees) but I enjoy that time to think.

--That Mary and I wear the same shoe size. It would seem that this would benefit her more than me (as I have a lot more footwear) but it goes both ways. Sometimes I buy her a pair I wouldn't buy for myself but then the perfect outfit comes in to play and her shoes are the perfect complement. But mostly it gives me peace of mind when she's freaking out that she can't find what she wore yesterday; I can say, "Here. Wear these. Now get in the car!" (As you may suspect, those shoes become hers forever after that.)

--Sleep. Oh man, I don't feel like we get enough of that but it sure is nice on those rare occasions we wake up refreshed.

--When Tyce and Mary play the piano. They are very, very good at what they play and I love to hear that beautiful music throughout the house.

This is just a little sampling of what makes me happy.

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SweetmamaK said...

I need to make a list like this. I too love Bates Motel. It is so freaky, I loved Psycho, (still do) and they are doing such a great job of setting the stage for Norman and his mother. Whoever is writing this is brilliant.