Sunday, March 3, 2013


It's been about two months since I started on my road to better living. I still feel good and have more energy. I am still committed to clean eating and exercising my heart through walking and yoga. I am focused and energized by my progress--to date I have lost 10 pounds! In times past I have lost much more weight more quickly through starvation, diet pills, and other crutches. But now my goal is to be healthy rather than be skinny; healthy is a lifestyle while skinny is just a number on a scale.

Here's what I've done:

--Tracked everything I've eaten, every single day, on a website called
--Walked briskly for 20-45 minutes, every day.
--Yoga several times a week. I've found a few routines I like on YouTube.
--Go on to the Health and Fitness category on Pinterest to keep myself motivated. And then I go to Women's Fashion and think about cute clothes.
--Pray for strength.

While the family is supportive of my changes, life has not been rosy for them:

--The house is a wreck.
--I don't make fun FHE treats or even plan very family-friendly meals. Sometimes I don't make dinner at all.
--I get annoyed when they go out for fast food or, heaven forbid, bring home doughnuts. (That's only happened once.)

Anyway. Everyone has actually been great. People are very encouraging.

Sorry if this seems self-indulgent to say but I am proud of myself. I lived so long not believing I could do this--too, too long.

 But now I'm doing it. And I'm loving it.


Rachel McEwen said...

very proud of you Rebecca! you have every right to be proud of yourself. You look amazing!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Thank you, Rachel!

SweetmamaK said...

I just cried, literally.