Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmassy Stuff

This weekend Bryce's sister Betsie's family stayed here overnight on their way to Disneyland. (Lucky family!) Shortly after they rolled in we went to Lake Las Vegas to hear Tyce sing carols with some of Basic's chamber ensemble.

Don't they look good?

They sounded good too.

The younger kids liked putting money in the hat but little Natasha had a different idea: she tried to take the money back out. She is an enterprising toddler. So Tyce scooped her up and let her be a special guest in the number. At the end it even looked like she took a little bow! (Though I think she was doing the universal symbol for "put me down").

Sing it, little sister!
Tonight he is caroling with the group at the Magical Forest. When he's busy, I'M busy. There is someplace to be every night this week.

This Monday we decorated the tree for Family Home Evening. I would like to say it was filled with joy and laughter and warm memories in the making. In reality Mary was perturbed we put on our favorite Christmas albums when she wanted to play songs from Twilight on the piano. She argued and stomped before letting us hear "O Holy Night" in peace. Cameron was a super pest--I've already blocked out the details but he was determined to push people's buttons. Harrison was a little grumpy and Tyce just wanted to sit there and eat shrimp. Then Bryce suggested Tyce play Christmas carols for us on the piano and Mary, as you can imagine, howled at the injustice. HOWEVER. We got the tree done and it looks lovely.

Mary placed the star.

Here are the cute kids.

One of my favorite ornaments!

A list of my favorite people.
We also watched a wonderful video depicting the Savior's birth. Do you know the Piano Guys? Look them up because they are fabulous. I really enjoyed considering the emotions of Mary, mother of Jesus, as I watched this. I also loved seeing scenes of Jesus' healing and compassion. As He loved those among Him surely He loves US as well; I marvel that the literal Son of God descended below all things so that we can one day rise with Him, free from sin and death through His marvelous Atonement. This season as we reflect on His birth, and in so doing remember His great eternal love for us, I hope to feel a renewed ability to serve, help, and love my fellow man. I hope to better follow His perfect example and heed His call: "Come Follow Me."

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