Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trip to Utah

So much for my resolve to be a better (i.e. more prolific) blogger.

Today we went to the free movies to see that cinematic wonder "Space Chimps" with Steven and Konner. After that I took the kids swimming, but swapped Steven for his older brother Cannon. Around here it's all boys, all the time. Poor Mary is still in school, and as she says, "We're not having parties all the time like you think we are. This last week is full of spelling tests, just so you know."

And apparently I threw away her math book. Like in the trash. I kind of remember thinking that it was her old text book they let us keep because it had a messed up table of contents. This is what happens when you declutter: you end up shelling out $55 for a math book that was never opened once at home.

But I digress.

We went to Utah last month and it was great. I really, really needed a change of scenery and we had a great time with all of Bryce's family. I don't have any pictures of Mary because she was reclusive and spent most of her time with Kess but she had fun.

Cameron and Harrison loved spashing in the pool Grandma and Grandpa set up. The only drawback was the copious amount of grass they tracked into the water. Don't you just love that giant back yard?

 One night when Judy showed us her pictures from England, Judy's cousin Nan Pay came for a surprise visit. She is hilarious and had us rolling with her dry sense of humor.

 On Sunday Kess was baptized by her dad, Andy Price.

 Ben and Tyce sat on the back row and tried to keep Cameron quiet, which we all know was in vain.

 Bryce's cousin Makoto Jones and his family came. Makoto is a doctor in Salt Lake.

 Tyce really loves babies, especially adorable cousins. Following the baptism Andy blessed his third daughter, Natasha Nydia Price.

 I know this isn't the best lighting but I loved the fact that Harrison went up and just hugged his Grandpa Al.

 After the baby blessing Bryce ordained Tyce to the office of a  Teacher. Look how tall he's getting!

 Cameron and I posed for a quick shot on that very hot day.

 After the church events there was an open house in the Prices' yard. What a beautiful mom and her new baby! 

 Harrison also loves babies and enjoyed his 5-second turn with baby Natasha.

 Heather is such a good aunt and one of the funnest people I know!

Kim kicked our butts in Settlers of Catan just like I knew she would!

Grandpa Al and Grandma Judy  . . . thanks for always being such wonderful hosts. We love you!

 After a jam-packed 3-day weekend we headed home.

 See, there's Mary with an apple. She was here all along. We took Ben back with us for the week so he wouldn't be bored while his mom went to a camp in Yellowstone.

Our tireless driver, my handsome husband, and stormy-weather lover Bryce.

 We saw the brightest, coolest double rainbow!

 I think this might be one of my favorite shots ever. To add to the drama we were listening to the audio book "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury.

 A beautiful sunset.

So that was our trip.

Having Ben here was fun--he's a great kid. Tyce sure is lucky to have a cousin just six weeks older than he is, who speaks his 14-year-old boy language and likes what he likes. I will say I wish they made an estrogen spray--like a room freshener--to balance out all that testosterone, hardy har har. It's hard to believe they're both entering high school when I remember them both being in preschool like it was yesterday.

Bryce took Ben and Tyce BACK to Utah the next weekend so Ben could catch his flight back to Houston and Tyce could attend Especially For Youth (EFY) at BYU. Cameron got to come on this leg of the trip while I stayed home with Mary and Harrison.

Coming, going, coming, going . . . and now we're all home (for a while).


Silver Strands said...

The whole math book thing is hilarious! And the pictures and update are all wonderful. (TYCE - holy schmoly! That kid is sure growing up HANDSOMELY....)

Mopsie said...

So nice to have relatives within a day's drive. Wow, what an eventful weekend. As the song says, "You're gonna miss this." Enjoy it all now!

Mopsie said...

Is Makoto Jones really Bryce's cousin?
I loved the rainbows! You're really good to have gotten them "on film".