Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Cammer Jammer

I took Cameron in to the doctor because of his snorting problem. The sound is just like when you ask a child to oink like a pig--but it's about every 10 seconds. And he can't stop. We've tried allergy treatments and I don't think it's allergies. He had this problem in the spring and his preschool teachers nearly went crazy, practically begging me to take him in. But he stopped just in time for the preschool graduation in May. So we thought it seasonal allergies (even though the meds didn't work) or a lingering sinus problem that finally went away.

But now it's back. And Lord help us all if it's a nervous habit or a tic.

I also consulted with the doctor regarding ADHD meds for Cam, which he totally backed me on. The good thing about Dr. Levin is that he trusts me. The bad thing is that I didn't do any research before broaching the subject and I think he gave me the most expensive medication sample there is. He said, "There's a $50 discount card for your first prescription." I said, "Oh, he has Medicaid so that won't be a problem." And Dr. Levin told me, "Medicaid doesn't pay for this."

Well . . . crud.

We may have to go old-school with Pepsi and a Ritalin.

(Something funny about the sample pack: When we got home Cam handed me the box and said happily, "I'm ready for my side effects!" )

Our other kids take Strattera but I'm not in love with it. And it's pretty dang expensive even though insurance (not Medicaid) pays for a big chunk. In the two weeks he's on Intuniv we'll do our homework.

I thought long and hard about medicating but it's obvious that he needs some outside help. I  don't want Cameron to be the kid who snorts and pesters and talks too loud. I surely don't want him to to fall behind in class because he can't pay attention. I don't want his behaviors to get in the way of who his IS: a sweet, funny, sincere, likable kid. That's our Cammer Jammer.

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Mopsie said...

"I'm ready for my side effects" - that's priceless! He's a funny little dude.
Do you still get the stipend for the kids? Now we know what it's for . . . It's criminal that medicines are so pricey. But what are you gonna do if you need them? What did the doc say about the snorting?