Monday, April 27, 2009

We, like, totally went the mall

Because we hang with the cool kids like that.

Remember when I said Ben & Jerry's had a free cone day? First it was dinner at the Food Court--McDonalds for some, Hot Dog on a Stick for others--and then realizing that the line for ice cream was a mile and half long.

Luckily we had Super Tyce to the rescue.

Armed with my cell phone (apparently I have Tetris on it), he gladly escaped the mayhem that three high-energy, fast-food-filled siblings provide, and held our place in line.

Finally Bryce got the text:

You betr hury

Which meant all of our wildest dessert dreams were coming true--for free!

Chunky Monkey, chocolate, and sorbets were shared and enjoyed by all.

After that we walked around. Harrison enjoyed dashing into every store window and posing with the mannequins.

It was kind of funny . . . kind of weird. At least he didn't hug them and call them "mommy" like he did last time.

His antics spawned a string of copycats.

Mary and Cameron were little buddies that night.

That was good, because Cam broke his sandal by pulling too hard on the strap, and he was pretty slow.

Since we were close to Payless we decided to get Cam a new pair of shoes. And since they had a buy one, get one 1/2 off deal going on, I bought Mary some new church shoes.

Some people did not like this arrangement. Some people felt cheated. Some people thought that shoes should be distributed equally, no matter what.

Some people made a scene and had to be removed from the store.

Some people are just so much fun to shop with.

But he got one thing he wanted--to ride home with his daddy.

On the way the other kids and I went through the drive-through car wash, much to their delight.

Since he ended up with a smile AND a new pair of shoes, it appears that Cam was the big winner of the night.


Emmy said...

Looks like a wonderful and crazy night. :) Wonderful and crazy just always seem to go together when it involves kids and shopping.

Natalie said...

I love a good mall-meltdown.

Dad77345 said...

What a great idea for a stimulus package... Shoes for Everyone! Pass it along to BO. It's as good as some of the other whacky things they've put together.

Justin said...

you make me laugh!!

Justin said...

oh that was me...rachel....signed in as justin

brooklyn said...

mmmmm...chubby hubby. my favorite.

i love you you manage to find the humor in meltdowns. i wish i were more like that.

Mopsie said...

Hooray for Tyce! Props to the mannequins. And wahoo for car washes. What an event-filled night. Leave it to the Joneses to know how to par-tay!