Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vacation Part 4

We left Reno in the morning, anxious to see the Cooks and enjoy their company.

We made a 2-hour pit stop at Target. A better jacket, another pair of shoes, and some belts were suddenly needs, not wants.

(You know how it is.)

But the detour set us back and we missed the boat.


We wanted to go on a harbor cruise that afternoon in San Francisco. But afternoon turned into evening and we missed the last departure.

This was probably for the best. The cruise for six wasn't cheap, and one of our children ate a grouchy pill that morning, putting a damper on our "Hooray! Let's party!" attitude.

He/she was so unpleasant that we threatened to "just go to the hotel," which meant, of course, go to bed. But Bryce thought I looked so cute and sad that he didn't want to punish ME by calling it a night so soon.

(I need to perfect that look to my future advantage. That night it was dumb luck.)

So we went to Chinatown.

Our favorite store: Far East Flea Market on Grant Street.

By then we really had pushed The Grouch too far and we all wondered if buying a few trinkets was worth the subsequent meltdown.

The next day we met my brother and his sweet family for breakfast at the Original Pancake House. Good food, especially the strawberry waffles; and good conversation, especially what the adults were able to get in over the din of six children. I got a sneak peek at my newest neice and oh, is she a cutie like her sisters!

Dave went to work and the rest of us went to the San Francisco Zoo.

One of the most popular exhibits, "Humans". Don't they look natural?

Tyce enjoyed the responsibility of pushing Maya in her stroller.

Cambria and Cameron were kindred spirits in their desire to travel by fence rather than by road.

We posed in front of "our" sign while a researcher took notes on our behavior.


Maya (3), Brooklyn with Moby-wrapped baby Evangeline (age 5 weeks), and Cambria (4).

Two other pictures I liked: Mary and Harrison posing "before" . . .
and "after."

It was a beautiful zoo and we had a very nice time on a very nice day.

After this I began taking pictures with Bryce's camera. And I can't seem to download those pictures onto the computer . . . but I am working on it. Or I guess I should say that Bryce is.

I have great pictures of the beach and Easter Sunday stuck on the camera, crying to get out.


A Real Key Largo Housewife said...

Love the family pic in front of the temple. My kids love chinatown too. They are always asking to go back there, like its around the corner and we're too stingy to take them or something. lol

brooklyn said...

yay--fun day,fun pics!

Mer said...

Okay I was going to comment how fun but as I thought about it I think I would have probably choked my kids by the end of that vacation! You guys have to be exhausted! It did look like you guys had a wonderful time.

The Hardy's said...

It looks like you had a really fun trip. I have never been to San Fran and would love to go sometime.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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