Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Down by the station, early in the morning

Last Saturday Bryce had to work and Tyce was at Scout camp. I needed a break from sibling squabbles and chore supervision, you know? Besides, it was a beautiful spring day--perfect for getting out of the house.

Remember when I said we wanted to ride the train in Boulder City?

We did it.

Well, those of us who were available.

Mary, Cameron, Harrison, and I got there just in time for the scheduled departure. All aboard! The kids were really excited to ride a real train . . .

. . . with a real conductor.

They spent most of the time hanging out the window, making me nervous.

But they had a great time figuring out what was up ahead. (This is my favorite picture.)

Yes, to get this shot I am practically hanging out the window myself.
The train was a pretty slow-moving and the ride wasn't very thrilling, to be honest, but it was a lovely way to spend a chunk of Saturday.

Harrison said, "I knew what a train would be like because of Jon and Eight Plus Kate."

Thank goodness for reality TV.

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The Hardy's said...

We've done the train ride too. It's definitely not something to whoopdedoo over but for little ones, it works.