Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Really Great Day

This was a very personal, touching experience for me. I want to share it because so often the bad things get top billing in life (mine, everybody's).

Cameron was in the living room building with Legos. Harrison was doing a puzzle. Mary was babysitting and Tyce was at work. So just the twins and I were home, and I was doing the dishes. I had the radio on, Christian radio, and suddenly I was so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for my kids, my home, my family, my life. I couldn't contain my emotions and tears spilled down my cheeks. I said to the twins, "I love when we are together. I really feel the spirit in our home when we are calm and kind." Harrison said, "That's because we're listening to uplifting music."

So often I am on autopilot. That day I was able to be present in the moment. And man, am I grateful for that.

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