Friday, November 7, 2014

Tricks and Treats

More treats than tricks this year, yay for that. I had to give my shift away at Macy's because I was scheduled to work from 6-9 that night. One of my coworkers was surprised that I cared because she thought Mormons didn't celebrate Halloween. Ha. Truthfully though . . . besides the fact that I wanted to be with my kids, that would have been a boring and/or freaky shift to have worked. Can you imagine the people who would want to have their makeup done on All Hallow's Eve?

The day before was the twins' parade at the elementary school. I hung out by our 10th-grade neighbor Emily, whose brother was in the line-up. I loved seeing all the cute kids in costume--my favorites were the creative ones such as the birthday present who passed by.

Harrison the hot dog. He's wearing sunglasses and black vampire teeth.

Cam the creeper.

Halloween is also Nevada Day, our state's birthday. The kids get that day off of school. This was the perfect day for it, Friday--I think Halloween should always be celebrated on a Friday.

I made monster bagels and alien eggs for breakfast.

The breakfast you eat wants to eat you.
Scary Mary.

Nikki and Bella came over at very early to get their costumes ready: members of the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan. Mary was Levi, Nikki was Eren, and Bella was Mikasa.

Nikki, Mary, and Bella will take you out.
The twins couldn't wait to get started. Bryce took them around with their friend Nick.

Tyce chilled with his cousin Ben and friends on the computer. They play Smite, League of Legends, and several other interactive games.

I was the candy-handler and I sat outside like I did last year. Unlike last time, however, I did not exercise virtue and self-control when it came to fun-sized treats. I didn't go crazy but it really wasn't worth it to take the kids' Almond Joys for myself (my favorite). It was a nice warm night though and it was great to talk to the neighbor kids and their parents.

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