Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Day of Summer

Mary is homeschooling through the summer. She is totally fine with that. She's not really done with her curriculum for the year (especially since we didn't start on Day 1 of public school). I'm kind of glad that one day melts into the next for her because I don't think I'd be able to handle the enormity of an 8th grade graduation. I don't need that kind of drama in my life. (Yes, this is all about me.) I'm pretty sure Mary feels the same way. She is almost done with Latin I but will do Algebra all through the next school year. The rest of the subjects will be done by summer's end. I wish that Mary wanted to do choir at the high school next year but she wants nothing to do with performing--unless it's for the family in the form of her belting out songs from Frozen.

Tyce is going to get a job and go to community college. We are going to have to whip him on both of those things, apparently. He is super excited to take a sign language class since some of his friends have been teaching him and he is gaining fluency.

The twins are playing summer basketball for the first time. Harrison has some skills and Cameron has a ton of determination. Cam is so spazzy though that after every single move he made in a drill, he did a cartwheel. Two mothers came up to Bryce and me after practice and said how much they loved that about our boy. That made me feel good about our team, that it's not so cutthroat that the parents are annoyed at Cameron's unfocused energy. I am excited for the games to start.

I have my yoga class on Tuesdays and will probably play racquetball with the twins once a week. I've been playing with Bryce about that often and we are fairly evenly matched. Over spring break I took the twins and I realized just how far I'd come; it was hard to endure their inexperience. Haha. I'd like to make sure we swim a lot, too. I even got a new suit.

Ooo la la!

I love planning activities for the summer. I don't know why, since I haven't drummed up a lot of enthusiasm for my awesome schedule. Maybe I missed my calling as a party planner. Well, perhaps the fact that I have Summer Bridge schoolwork on the agenda is one reason people aren't begging me to know what comes next. But trust me, aside from that and chores I have some pretty good things coming up (crafts, painting, sports, library, friends, etc.).

Today the carrot was getting basketball shoes. I looked online and was sure Sears had just what I wanted in stock. You've never seen the boys clean so well. However when we got there the shoes were set to arrive in two weeks. Oh man, you have also never seen such manic desperation--exactly what I was trying to avoid. So we went to several other stores but came up empty-handed and near tears (not me, them . . . this time). Ugh. Maybe I'm not as good at this "fun summer" thing as I'd thought.

(Ordered way-too-expensive shoes online as a consolation prize.)

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