Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Calling

I was actually really looking forward to teaching seminary next year. Like, a lot. I had learned much from this year (mostly what not to do)--you'd think my third year would be my best, but not so. Anyway, I wanted to redeem myself and right when I was on the cusp of volunteering to teach full-time . . . I was released.

Really! Isn't that always the way? Just when you work out the kinks it's time to move on.

To my immense surprise, I was called to be the stake Young Womens president. You will remember that I served at the ward level (a single congregation) for many years. The stake is in charge of several wards: in our stake, 8. I and my new presidency (who are awesome, amazing women: Michele, Amy, and Merridee) oversee the ward YW programs to ensure that they are running correctly and have what they need; we also plan large activities like youth conference and stake dances. It's a big responsibility on a large scale and though I have a great team, it's a bit intimidating to take the reins and be in charge. But I know once we get going it will be great. The stake YW program is running well and so I just have to continue moving it forward.

My new calling got me thinking of the old pioneer tune, "The Handcart Song", which I learned in Primary many moons ago.

When pioneers moved to the West,
With courage strong they met the test.

They pushed their handcarts all day long,

And as they pushed they sang this song:

For some must push and some must pull,

As we go marching up the hill;

So merrily on our way we go

Until we reach the Valley-o.

In life, sometimes we push and sometimes we pull. Sometimes we lead and sometimes we follow. We all move together to make it work, so as long as our vision is clear it doesn't matter who's in front and who's behind. The Lord is our guide and the Gospel our map. For a while I will be in front--and with the company of a wonderful presidency, I look forward to this new adventure.


Mopsie said...

Well said, Madame President. While you will be very busy, at least it won't be at 5:30 in the morning!
Congrats. You'll be awesome.

Rebecca and Co. said...

:) Love you, Mom.

Nessa Dixon said...

Congratulations Rebecca! =)

Kareena Mullens said...

You'll do great. I'm the secretary and initially I thought it would be a breeze, I really always thought of stake callings as figure heads lol. I also thought the secretarty just turned in attendence reports. It is daunting and intimidating and so many more people to offend, but the good news is the Lord will not let the youth program fail. HE's behind this and will pick up where it seems impossible. The youth will love you. You already love them. You have "street cred" because you taught early morning seminary. I am so happy for the youth of your stake, you are genuine and loving and they know that. Best Wishes!