Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Happenings

Holy Hannah, where has the time gone? Here are some things that have gone on since I last wrote. A little of this and that, if you will.

1. St. Patrick's Day was on Sunday so what kind of green was appropriate for church? Fancy socks, of course. I got green nail polish for Mary. This was another "off" day for two of the kids and my plans (green-themed table decorations, Irish stew, rainbow cupcakes) did not quite work out. It's not like a holiday celebrating leprechauns and four leaf clovers is on par with Christmas or Easter, so I just take a deep breath and say better "luck" to us next year.

Cam's socks.

2.  Poor Harrison was so tired one afternoon that he fell asleep in a laundry basket!

That's quite a place to nod off. 
3. Katie and Cosmo have had many play dates.

Best buds.

4. Harrison wheeled the office chair into the little bathroom one day. I found him parked in front of the mirror, drawing a self-portrait.

"Harrison Alan Jones" by Harrison, age 8.

He also drew Bryce (on top) and Cameron, I think. How awesome are these?

Father and son.

5. Harrison was Colt of the Month in March! Teachers give this award to students who have improved in an area, and Harrison was nominated because of this increased test scores. In fact, the counselor said that his scores had improved the most in his whole class. Nice job, Hare!

He was pleasantly surprised that Mary came to see him get his award.

That's Harrison.

His teacher's recommendation. How nice!

6. Tyce took a self-portrait while I drove him to an appointment.

Oh, teenagers.
He also spazzed it up with Mary's friends.

Cam took this picture of Bella dragging Tyce down the hall.

When he wasn't pretend-threatening Sara or Bella, he was mixing it up with the twins.
You can imagine how our trip to the pool--with Sara, Bella, Mary, Tyce, Cameron, Harrison, and friend Andrew--went. Mary got the whistle blown on her for screeching.

Tyce also had a choir concert. That's pretty much what happened up until spring break and Easter.

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