Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What We've Been Up To

1. Cameron got his cast off in July.
He didn't want it off because it had become comfortable and a part of his life. He didn't like the feeling of freedom at all! But right after that he signed up for diving and tae kwon do which finally gave him and Harrison some fun summer things to do.

Cameron is not impressed.

 2. Bryce and Cam found something scary in the garage.
Do you recognize that mark on her? It's like she posed for them.

Even living in the desert I'd think the exterminator could keep us black widow free.

3. Tyce had his chamber choir retreat.
On the last day they went to a musical. After getting a flat tire and losing my cell phone that day I was not a helpful chaperone. I had to get a ride from another mom! We went to a fun production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at Spring Mountain Ranch and the kids got to sing "Don't Stop Believin'" on stage before it started.

Having a blast.

Singing their hearts out. One of the kids said, "Did we sound good?" I said, "Uhh....well you could tell you were having fun!"


4. I tried side-swept bangs.
I had no one to impress with my cute hair but the workers at Food 4 Less.

Serious and intimidating, eh?

5. Mary, Harrison, and Cam built forts.
This was one of their larger creations. Mary read to them and made them take math tests, and everyone was compliant and happy.

Willing students.

Nearly every blanket, pillow, and chair was used.

6. The kids have done chores.
Every day they have 3 family jobs to do but they aren't good at some things (like loading the dishwasher) so they do the same things over and over. At least they make it fun for themselves.

What better way to sweep than to sing and swing the broom.

7. Ceara got married.
She is such a good older friend to Mary and she even invited her to be one of her bridesmaids. We love their family so much.

Mary and her sweet friend Taya (Ceara's niece).

She is so pretty.

The beautiful bride!

The boys danced hard with their friend Cash (Ceara's nephew).

Father-daughter dance--Bryce made this shot his profile picture. Love it.

8. Cameron danced all day, every day.
In the car, flipping on the couch, to his own beat.

Doing the lindy with the couple on So You Think You Can Dance.

9. We cheered the USA at the Olympics.
Everyone loved the excitement of great competition! What a fun 2 weeks.

American girls go for the gold!

10. The kids have tae kwon do class.
I thought Mary wouldn't like the class but of the three kids, she's the one who loves it. I think part of it is that she's a big fish in a little pond but as long as she feels happy and successful it's good with me.

Cam and Harrison grump about going but they do great once they're there. The kids have their first belt test this week!

In addition to that we've been swimming a lot.

And . . . I'm looking for a job.

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