Friday, April 8, 2011

One Year Older and Wiser, Too

When you're 37 you're one step closer to heaven . . . meaning more angelic, of course. My birthday (on the 5th) made me so sweet I could put a diabetic into a coma just by saying hello.

Helllllllll-oooooooooh. See what I mean? Pure sugar. Get someone to pass you a potato chip, quick.


How did I spend my birthday, you want to know. Well, I got a pedicure, ate a sandwich called The Bobbie at Cappriotti's, bought myself some new earrings, and came home for a family party--where a cheesecake was waiting for me. Booyah.

I didn't want wrapped gifts for my birthday. I am afraid of ending up on an episode of Hoarders. When you have a giant house you tend to fill it up, and heaven knows I'm due to get rid of at least a quarter--maybe half--of my stuff as it is. This does not mean I'm opposed to spending money, mind you. But I'd rather spend it on experiences than possessions. So as for gifts, Bryce had the kids get creative. Mary chose to get a pedicure with me (which we will do in a few weeks). Tyce surprised me with doughnuts in my seminary class--and I do mean surprised! I had just started a very solemn video about the life of Joseph Smith when he came in with a few of his classmates and began singing "Happy Birthday" to me. When we flipped on the lights I saw Bryce standing at the other door with milk and juice. I turned off the video and wrapped up my lesson, which didn't seem to disappoint the class since they got out a little early and scored free doughnuts. It was so thoughtful of Tyce to surprise me like that--that really made my day.

I would like to see the PG-13 version of the movie "The King's Speech" this weekend for a date. Just in case anyone I'm married to wants to ask me out. Hint.

It was a good birthday. I got tons of good wishes from people in the form of phone calls, messages, a potted flower from my friend Aranne, and birthday cards in the mail. I love my family and friends!


kelli said...

This is Kelli, Kim's sister. I love checking out your blog when I log into Kim's, and seeing what fun things you have going on. I didn't realize that we are the same age. My birthday is March 8, so just a few weeks before yours, same year. Anyway, sounds like you had a great, relaxing birthday. Take care

LB said...

Hey Happy New Year!! I'm glad to see you had a wonderful start to your new year and may it continue to be a lovely year full of good surprises! Happy Birthday!

Lisa B.

Rebecca and Co. said...

Thank you, Kelli and Lisa! Kelli, we are practically twins. :) We need to hang out more when you're visiting Kim. I think your whole family is pretty great.